RainSpace Stormwater Management Benefits

Always the Lowest Total Cost Stormwater Management System

The total installed cost of a RainSpace Stormwater Management Chamber is substantially less than any other underground system.  Installed in a fraction of the time for drastically reduced labor hours -  RainSpace Stormwater Management Chambers are more cost-effective than any other Stormwater Management, Stormwater Retention or Rainwater Storage method or system.

Stormwater Management: Detention, Infiltration and Retention

RainSpace Stormwater Management Chambers are configured according to your requirements for temporary detention and infiltration, longer-term retention and flow control.

Stormwater Retention: Storing Water for Re-use

RainSpace Retention Chambers store thousands of gallons of water underground where it’s safe and readily available for irrigation, fire suppression, flow control or storage for re-use, potable use, supplementing municipal water supply or under-producing private wells. Freedom from usage restrictions. Water independence for your site. 

Large Storage Capability

RainSpace Stormwater Management Chambers are available in any capacity from 3,000 gallons to 3 million gallons or more.

Save Valuable, Useful Land

Commercial, industrial and institutional projects save valuable land area with underground  RainSpace Stormwater Management Chambers and improve the esthetics of the site while meeting Stormwater Management or water storage requirements.  Use RainSpace Chambers to reduce the surface area devoted to bioswales or wetlands when these Best Management Practices are included in a Stormwater Management design.

Use Under Any Type of Surface Load

Each RainSpace Chamber installation specification is established according to the surface loads to be placed over the Chamber— a field, playground, roadway, driveway or parking lot, unpaved or paved with asphalt, concrete or pervious pavers.  RainSpace Chambers have no vertical load bearing structures - there is nothing to get mis-aligned or collapse due to earthquakes, soil subsidence or traffic vibration. All loads are spread throughout the horizontal mass of Patented Structural Core Tube Bundles.

Easy to Install

Installation is fast and simple.  All components are lightweight and easily handled and no heavy equipment is needed. Soils permitting, no imported stone or sand is required for fill.

Ideal for All Sites

RainSpace Stormwater Management Chambers are available in any shape and depth to meet the site's requirements and space and access limitations. The flexible system fits into tight or curved locations. Use under yards, driveways, parking lots, and sports fields, or to reduce the footprint and increase the capacity of expensive bioswales and wetlands.

Earthquake Proof and Soil Subsidence Resistant

RainSpace Stormwater Management Chambers have no vertical load bearing components so nothing can get mis-aligned and collapse due to earthquakes, soil subsidence, or traffic vibration. All loads are spread throughout the horizontal masses of the structural core bundles. The chambers flex and bend with earth movement and water is held within the core tube bundles to prevent high mass water movement and hammering of the excavation. Retention Chamber liners stretch up to three times, re-conforming to soil subsidence while retaining load bearing capability.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly - LEED Credits

RainSpace Stormwater Management Chamber structural cores are made in the USA from post-consumer recycled material.  LEED credits for sustainability.

Got Questions?

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Superior in Every Value Engineering Comparison

Smallest footprint  -  Fastest Installation  -  Least labor  -  Smallest excavation