Easy, Low-Cost, Custom Installation

A Unique Stormwater Management Solution

Fastest Installation - Least Labor - No structural rock  -  No heavy installation equipment - Smallest excavation

Our lightweight Structural Core Bundles with an impervious liner maintains the watertight integrity of the system and provides 97% void space efficiency.  Vehicle loading up to H-25.  Conforms to any shape or size paved or unpaved area, including under parking lots, driveways, roads, or fields. Perfect for increasing efficiency and capacity of bioswales and wetlands, infiltration, detention or retention.  Impervious liners are used on retention and storage chambers

Flexible and Reliable - High Loading

The RainSpace Chambers have no vertical load bearing structures - there is nothing to get mis-aligned or collapse due to earthquakes, soil subsidence or traffic vibration.  all loads are spread throughout the horizontal masses of the structural cores.

RainSpace Stormwater Management Chambers are designed in consultation with the project engineer, architect, or contractor and fabricated according to each application and site. Our team will review your plans and provide options to help you find the best cost-per-gallon hydromodification solutions for infiltration, detention or retention solutions. We’ll provide a competitive bid and CAD drawings to demonstrate how RainSpace will fit into your footprint. Your custom system is delivered to the site complete and ready to install. All components are lightweight and no heavy equipment is needed for installation. Soils permitting, no imported stone or sand is required for fill except in vehicle loading applications.

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Detailed installation instructions are supplied and technical installation assistance is available from our experienced team. Just give us a call for a free consultation!