Frequently Asked Questions


What is RainSpace?

RainSpace® is a Stormwater Management and Rainwater Storage system designed for containing mass quantities of water underground. Unlike tanks or water storage cisterns that are cumbersome, heavy, difficult to handle structures, RainSpace is a modular system made of light components that are easily transported and quickly installed on the site without cranes or large trucks.

How Much Water Can RainSpace Hold?

RainSpace is designed to hold large quantities of water—from 3,000 gallons to 3 million gallons and more—and is designed to fit your needs. The total volume is limited only by the space and depth available on the site.

What Are the RainSpace Dimensions?

There is no definite answer to this question, because RainSpace is so flexible. The installed Chamber can take virtually any shape—long and narrow, square, round, curved. This allows RainSpace to provide large amounts of water capacity in places where no other solutions will work - very narrow sites, around existing landscape or trees, under driveways or roadways, under bioswales and wetlands  and in excavations with un-level bottoms.

Where Does RainSpace Derive Its Strength?

The specially engineered patented Structural Core Bundles create the Void Structure of RainSpace Chambers with 97% efficiency. When installed and enclosed the Void Space is very strong and with appropriate top cover design and depths achieve up to H-25 weight loading.

Does RainSpace Work in Earthquake Prone Areas?

Yes. RainSpace Stormwater Management Chambers have no vertical load bearing components so nothing can get misaligned and collapse due to earthquakes, soil subsidence, or traffic vibration. All loads are spread throughout the horizontal masses of Structural Core Bundles. The Chambers flex and bend with earth movement and water is held within the Structural Core Bundles to prevent high mass water movement and hammering of the Chamber sides. Retention Chamber liners stretch up to three times, re-conforming to soil subsidence while retaining load bearing capability. 

What Is RainSpace Made Of?

RainSpace is delivered as a complete kit ready to be installed in your excavation. It is composed of a mass of Patented Structural Core Bundles surrounded by filter fabrics, cushions and liners as required for a specific site's application. The Structural Core Bundles are made of recycled, food-grade HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).

What Are Some of the Key Benefits of RainSpace?

RainSpace Stormwater Management Chambers and Rainwater Storage Chambers are site flexible - adapting to locations of any size or shape including those with highly restricted access.  RainSpace is the most cost effective system for underground stormwater management, detention, retention or storage.  The ease of installation and low cost makes RainSpace Chambers extremely affordable.  The components are sustainable, have a 100 year plus life, are eco friendly and made in the USA.

What Can RainSpace Be Used For?

RainSpace can be used to store water for any stormwater management project - infiltration, retention, detention and storage - to comply with NPDES (National Pollution Discharge Elimination Standards) under the Clean Water Act.  Other common uses include water storage to supplement wells, municipal water supply, fire suppression and freedom from water use restrictions.  RainSpace Chambers substantially reduce the footprint of bioswales and wetlands.

What Are Some Interesting or Challenging RainSpace Projects?

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