Irrigation Re-use

RainSpace Retention Chambers store thousands of gallons of water underground where it’s safe and readily available for irrigation, fire suppression, potable use, supplementing municipal water supply or under-producing private wells. Freedom from usage restrictions. Water independence for your site. 

An 85,000 gallon RainSpace stormwater retention chamber was installed on a narrow residential lot in Los Altos, California. Sandwiched between the rear of the residence and an existing swimming pool with a garage to one side, this RainSpace Chamber was the first part of a backyard improvement project which includes a patio, water feature, lawn... more
This mountain community experiences periodic heavy rains and snowfall yet the rocky and steep terrain does not support large underground aquifers or streams. Water well production is often poor and water is commonly trucked in by tankers and stored in unsightly above ground tanks next to attractive residences. A 5,000 gallon RainSpace Retention... more
The owner of an urban orchard of specimen fruit trees in Monterey County, California wanted to capture stormwater to irrigate with untreated, pharmaceutical-free water and also avoid the very high water rates charged by the local utility company. Studying the available natural water resources, it was determined that a 5,000 gallon RainSpace... more
A 10,000 gallon RainSpace Stormwater Retention Chamber was installed under the parking lot of a small two building office site in Southern Oregon. The water is collected off of the roofs of the buildings. The underground installation was ideal for the small parking lot where space is at a premium and any above ground tanks would negatively... more
A popular municipal Community Center in Southern Oregon was being significantly expanded and remolded to improve the level of general services to the city's residents. Located in a part of town with a water supply that was deemed inadequate by contemporary firefighting standards, construction of the building could not begin until a 20,000 gallon... more
A 20,000 gallon RainSpace Stormwater Retention Chamber was installed at an elementary school to store water collected from the school roof. The RainSpace Stormwater Retention Chamber is part of a student learning center focused on teaching gardening and planting, growing and harvesting vegetables, fruits and flowers with hands-on experience. The... more
In an effort to strive for design excellence, the Oregon Military Department selected THA and Lease Crutcher Lewis as part of a design-build team for a 40,000 square foot military training facility on five acres. The Colonel Nesmith Readiness Center, home to a company of combat engineers who are currently deployed to Afghanistan, will provide... more
An exclusive, highly regarded elementary, middle and secondary school in the Sherman Oaks neighborhood of the City of Los Angeles, California, has constructed two new buildings on campus, including a new Science and Academic building. City of Los Angeles Best Management Practices (BMP) required the detention of over 23,000 gallons of stormwater... more
A hillside residence in old Carmel, California needed additional irrigation capacity.  The property had highly restricted access on a narrow hillside with an adjacent creek and many mature oak trees which could not be disturbed.  the rainwater catchment requirements were met with a series of three RainSpace chambers, interconnected, spilling down... more
A 10,000 gallon RainSpace Retention Chamber was installed under the driveway of an existing residence in Alameda, California to meet local stormwater management requirements and also collect stormwater for re-use for on-site irrigation. Alameda is a low-lying flat island on the eastern side of San Francisco Bay that is fully developed with... more
A leading Master Gardener in Phoenix, Arizona, under a short timeline to a widely anticipated home and garden tour, wanted a clean source of untreated water for his specimen plantings. He needed a stormwater retention chamber that could be installed easily under his driveway and parking area where it would not disrupt his established gardens.... more
Wiser Water Use Brad and Linda are both avid gardeners and they wanted to make sure they had plenty of water available—without using the municipal water supplied by the city. They installed two systems to help irrigate their gardens—a greywater system and a rainwater catchment system. Greywater is collected from the showers, laundry, and bathroom... more
Brian Arden Winery in the Napa Valley, California town of Calistoga constructed a new facility for the production of their fine distinctive varietal wines in the winter of 2014.  The civil engineers for the project selected a large scale RainSpace Stormwater Management and Water Storage system consisting of multiple underground inter-connected... more