Stormwater Detention Chambers

RainSpace Stormwater Management Chambers for Detention and Infiltration are sized and shaped to any capacity, site and flow requirements. Any surface use including parking lots and moving vehicle loading to H-25 with any RainSpace Chamber.

This major discount chain erected a number of stand-alone new retail locations which required stormwater detention systems to meet local NPDES requirements on site.  RainSpace chambers with inlet filter wells were utilized to meet these requirements where chambers were sited under parking lots and driveways on sites with restricted space.  These... more
A 5,000 gallon RainSpace Stormwater Detention Chamber was installed on a nearly completed custom residence in the Camarillo area of Ventura County. Local stormwater management regulations recently put in place by the County to conform to the EPA's NPDES regulations (National Pollutant Elimination Discharge System under the U.S. Clean Water Act)... more
The UC Irvine School of Business significantly expanded with the addition of a major campus building.  The stormwater detention requirements were met with the installation of two RainSpace stormwater management detention chambers adjacent to the new building.  Total capacity was 35,350 gallons.  A unique challenge of this project was very tight... more
Camino Grove Elementary School underwent a substantial remodel and expansion.  This created the need for a 130,000 gallon stormwater detention and infiltration system under the play fields.  The detention requirements were met by three side by side interconnected RainSpace chambers which collected rainwater from the roofs of the school buildings... more
GREENSTREET CENTER This three-building, 20,000 S.F. multi-tentant retail center focused on utilizing sustainable features in all aspects of the design and construction.  This retail center was developed on a sloping site with multi-level surface and underground parking.  The entire site was required to detain stormwater and infiltrate the water... more
Brian Arden Winery in the Napa Valley, California town of Calistoga constructed a new facility for the production of their fine distinctive varietal wines in the winter of 2014.  The civil engineers for the project selected a large scale RainSpace Stormwater Management and Water Storage system consisting of multiple underground inter-connected... more