Stormwater Detention for NPDES Permitting

A 5,000 gallon RainSpace Stormwater Detention Chamber was installed on a nearly completed custom residence in the Camarillo area of Ventura County. Local stormwater management regulations recently put in place by the County to conform to the EPA's NPDES regulations (National Pollutant Elimination Discharge System under the U.S. Clean Water Act) and hydromodification requirements necessitated the installation of a stormwater detention chamber in order to get final inspection and occupancy of the home. These local conforming regulations were not in effect at the time construction was started and the owner was suddenly confronted with the need to design and install a complying system when the regulations became effective before construction was completed. The Best Management Practices under NPDES and hydromodification regulations for stormwater management include controlling the increase in run off water from the site that is caused by adding roofs and other impermeable surfaces as property is developed and structures added. The owner was under time pressure to complete the project. This RainSpace Stormwater Detention Chamber was designed, fabricated, shipped and installed within two weeks of the first contact to Rain Tech Inc. The RainSpace Chamber captures rainwater from the roofs, patios, and driveways and directs it down a cut slope hillside onto a lower portion of the property for detention and infiltration. The surface use over the RainSpace is general landscape and recreation use. The installation was done by a general contractor.

Ventura County, California