Stormwater Retention and Flow Control

The newly constructed Goddard School facility required stormwater retention and flow control in two locations on the campus site.  The stormwater flows are initially captured in BMP (best management practices) engineered bioswales which pretreat the stormwater prior to flowing into RainSpace inlet filter wells with sediment isolation filter tubes  (SIFT).  One RainSpace chamber is sited underneath a playground area; two Rainspace chambers are sited beneath the paved parking lot.  These systems provide multiple stormwater inlets at different elevations into the RainSpace inlet filter wells with SIFT's.  The RainSpace System also provides low flow control outlets to the municipal storm drain systems and high flow control outlets during severe storm conditions.  Capacities total 30,000 gallons.

Goddard Montessori School, Carlsbad, CA