Stormwater Retention for Recirculation

Extreme Makeover – Home Edition, the hit television series that selects worthy families across America for a rebuild of their home – or a whole new home – came to Medford, Oregon in September , 2011. A consortium of construction trades and contractors descended upon the rural home site and built a lovely, large craftsman style home from scratch in one week. The project included significant landscaping and included a large water feature than meanders as a rock lined stream across the property. The water storage for this active, constantly pumping and flowing stream, was built as a RainSpace Stormwater Retention Chamber, storing water underground with our structural core tube bundles.

In residential applications, the RainSpace Chamber is an ideal water storage solution for water features, increasing the capacity of ponds, improving the performance of bioswales and storing water for re-use for irrigation or fire suppression.

Medford, Oregon